Permanent exhibition of paintings by Carole Kohler in CMG Showroom, Industiestrasse 37 A, 8304 Wallisellen

The artist Carole Kohler is behind the label CK.
She lives and works in Lommiswil, Solothurn. She paints mainly images with depth illusions and expressive colors. It makes use of abstract art, her right medium to make the invisible visible.
Her paintings are held in a mixed media in acrylic.
Her artistic work includes sculptures of wood, metal and stone, as well as various trophies.
Paintings and sculptures are on permanent display in the showroom of CMG Switzerland. She makes regular major exhibitions in Solothurn area. The next one is from 13 to 22/03/2015 in Derendingen under the title NeoRetro.
Carole Kohler won in 2014 as the first non-Jurassierin the Kunstförderpreis "La Sarrazine 2015".  More information about Carole Kohler's path to abstraction can be found on their website or in her book WERKSCHAU 2D, which is also available for purchase on their website.