Since 1958 the Guerra family has been creating exquisite objects fashioned from horn, whose sumptuous feel and timeless beauty is revered throughout the world. This is the story of a family of true artisans who are absolutely passionate about their craft. Fifty years ago, Mario Guerra and his wife Ebe set up their business in the town of Recanati, near Ancona; today in this beautiful setting surrounded by the most fertile land and overlooking the sea, business is thriving. It is important to note that this is not a production line, but rather like an artists studio, albeit on a grand scale. The wonderful quality of life built up by this family is reflected in every piece created. The workshop houses approximately 20 craftsmen, using techniques that are centuries old, the horn is worked over open fires, each piece passes through at least 12 hands before it is finished. It is a truly remarkable experience to witness the products coming to life. Just like a sculptor seeing what is inside the marble before he starts to chisel; these master craftsman have been working the material so long, they instinctively know how the grain will lie before the outer husk is polished away.

 Arca's quality has been recognized the world over as the highest, the final polish achieved and positioning of grain is truly like no other. Each piece is unique; just like fingerprints, no two horns are alike, in fact sometimes the end product can be so extraordinary, it must be kept, as it is impossible to part with something so precious. Today the family still works together but it is Giorgio the son who is now running the Company. Giorgio is having wonderful success continuing to grow the business while maintaining his parents' high standards, and constantly improving the product. As part of the organizational changes carried out by Giorgio, seven years ago, Filippo Dini was appointed as Creative Director. Since then all three product groups, "Classics", "Gifts" and "Home" have been expanded to include a larger selection of lighting, decorative objects and now furniture. The collection is extensive including everything from caviar bowls, utensils, vases, trinket boxes to tables, armchairs, bookcases and lamps. To compliment the horn only the finest materials are chosen, whether it is ebony, silver, lacquer, or leather; everything is always sourced from companies with like minded craftsmen, who are also the best in their fields.On a final note, horn is a completely natural product; it comes from cattle, and is in no way endangered. The process of creating Arca objects is not toxic; the end waste is actually used in organic agriculture, making each beautiful piece completely environmentally friendly, an added dimension to luxury that is rare to find in these modern times.