The history begins in the eighties and tells how the passion for the quality of Florentine textile manufacturing led to the creation of upholstered furniture, combining top quality with attention to detail and a vibrant and eternal image. During the last years, its main goal has been brand reinforcement and repositioning in the high end sector of the market. Since 2008 the offer has been enlarged: besides sofas and armchairs a collection of accessories has been introduced. These accessories permit the realization of complete, elegant, sophisticated but also functional and cosy living rooms.

The result is an easy chic living where culture of furniture, heritage and functionality combine in a refined way. In 2011 Arketipo, already well known for its excellent know-how, was acquired by Cattelan Italia, worldwide leader of furniture accessories. This is the beginning of a new era, which preserves the past values and guarantees the business evolution. Today Arketipo Firenze products are present in about 8oo dealers mainly located in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, UK, France, Russia, Australia and Middle East. The presence in the US is also relevant and Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan markets are becoming more important. 

Glam Suggestions - Furniture transforms itself into metaphor. Arketipo Firenze image creates tangible sets, where the sofa embraces the beauty of a woman, who interprets her style without hesitations. Stories of great impact which emphasize the brand and offer space to dreams. The image has not only the aim of showing the product but also of creating a concrete life style which ranges over different taste areas. Each photographic performance is not only unique and eccentric, as the beauty does not correspond to luxury as an end it itself but it also gives strength to innovative ideas. To be enticed by emotions suggested by colours, to live each room as a projection of one’s own wishes. This is the spirit of Arketipo interpretation of the living: glam suggestions and precious details.

The Cult Of Design And Of Materials - For Arketipo Firenze Design is life, stylistic transgression and wish to express one’s own values through non-banal forms and materials. “Curiosity is in our DNA – affirms Lorenzo Cattelan, creative soul and great lover of beauty – and this leads us to search for new communication forms, new materials and technologies. Only in this way we can grant an authentic design and quality to customer. ” Design is for the Florentine company the starting point of all projects, a value that makes any product precious like a work of art. The Italian essence of aesthetic choices is continuity, a distinctive sign and a wish to reaffirm one’s own cultural roots. Materials dress the design style. The mastery lies in choosing what’s best, new and useful. Inspiration is often drawn from parallel worlds, to make a classic fabric innovative and vice versa, like in historical ateliers.

The Mission - To be special at all costs. To reinforce the brand to face new commercial challenges, with the strength to be able to make a trend, when trend is history. To make the Brand a reference point for a transversal consumers’ segment but with a unexceptionable taste. Besides, to enlarge the offer and propose accessories that can bear comparison with upholstered furniture, core business of the Company. “I would like our branding identity to be at the sign of bespoke - affirms Lorenzo Cattelan – we are an industry, but we like thinking that a customer approaches us because he feels special and would like to get a handmade product with the best Florentine textile manufacturing."