Bleu Nature inspired leaves on natural materials from the tracks that the ravages of time. This collection integrates erosion and wear, incorrect and random formations. Bleu Nature uses natural materials and goes further than just environmentally conscious to create action or an aesthetic collection. The materials are organic, collected driftwood and petrified wood. Bleu Nature - Exceptional Furniture - In exceptional furniture made f real driftwood, the French manufacturer Bleu Nature has specialized. In 1995, Frank Lefebvre founded the company in the near Lille, in northern France.

His team is looking at the beaches of Southern France and Corsica by large, small, straight and gnarled driftwood pieces that are processed in complex manual work to beautiful designer furniture and home accessories regularly. Other materials found as pebbles and petrified wood are used. The natural material is combined simple and straightforward, designed with painted wood or metal, leather, fur and textiles and mostly in color Ecru (off white) so as not to steal the show the true protagonists, the driftwood. Those who opt for a piece of furniture from Bleu Nature, gets not only a unique and attractive piece of design that enhances any living space but also contributes to resource conservation. Finally, no trees have to be felled for the driftwood furniture. Finds from the beach are recycled in an environmentally friendly. Bleu Nature has recycling design with high aesthetic standards. Bleu Nature drift wood are a natural product and are therefore dependent on the natural growth of timber. Each product is unique and the deviation of the product in the manufacture of a product may differ from photo. This is intentional and due to the natural charm of Bleu Nature