Cane-line  -  is a Danish design company that has been in business for 25 years. We are specialized in hand-woven materials, water- and weatherproof furniture.All over the world, our mission is the same – to make life simple and add value to places to unwind and relax. You will find Cane-line collections in 90 countries worldwide.Life made comfortable is the very essence of Cane-line. We focus on quality and comfort and make our furniture with the greatest care for our environment and the well-being of people.

Materials  -  All Cane-line products are made of unique, high quality materials. All of our furniture products are UV-resistant, colourfast and resistant to water. Nevertheless, we recommend that our outdoor furniture is placed indoors during winter or covered in one of our matching covers. In principle, the entire outdoor collection requires only a minimum of maintenance, but ordinary cleaning of your furniture will keep it looking sharp for years and most definitely prolong its lifetime. Read below about the individual materials in our collection.

LIFE MADE COMFORTABLE - your life, your choice  -  All humans strive to be unique. We, at Cane-line, have created a universe of furniture to make this possible. No matter what you choose or how you mix it, you will get it right. We have chosen some of the best designers of our times to create furniture in high quality materials. We are working with highly-skilled craftsmen using new production technologies. We portray our furniture at breath-taking locations giving life to inviting dreams.  But, at the end, it all comes down to you. You are the designer of your own home. You decide on style, material and functionality for your personal space, be it a secluded garden, a spectacular roof terrace or a tiny balcony. Be it under the warming sun or during a rainy spell. Be it inside or out. All we do is provide the means. It’s time to re-think the identity of your home. The rigid boundary between outside and inside is fading. Houses are opening up, letting light and air stream inside. Outdoor spaces are simply extensions of interior rooms. Our furniture is designed with this in mind. Our new outdoor fabric is so soft and comfortable, it can be used inside, yet at the same time durable and withstanding for changing climatic conditions. Many pieces are light, flexible and made of materials that can easily be taken from inside to out and vice versa. We are continuously pushing our motto Life made comfortable. Our collection of Outdoor furniture covers many different styles; all products are nevertheless connected by a prevailing theme. You can mix and match and blend different materials and colours for your own personal living environment. Regardless of whether you select a complete lounge group developed by a renowned designer or simply pick a few favourite pieces from across our broad collection. Regardless of which chair you choose, it will always fit under your Cane-line table. Regardless of whether you prefer brown Cane-line Tex® to white, all accessories will nevertheless match your colour scheme. This makes the possibilities endless. The challenge will lie in choosing. This years’ catalogue is created with your inner designer in mind. Our aim is to inspire you on how you could choose furniture for your home. Would you like to be part of the process? Take a picture of your Cane-line environment, remember to use our #caneline and team up with the growing Cane-line community. Join and inspire us …