DURABLE - Made of weather-proof, water-repellent and wear and tear resistant textiles, a highly durable composite and colourfast fibre that can withstand salt, sunshine and swimming pools, while coping with intensive everyday outdoor use.

FUNCTIONAL - Not only a feast on the eyes and the imagination, our outdoor furniture is also exceptionally practical, blending together function and form. Light, stackable, and highly adaptable to any location or context, our collections embody and accommodate the perfect mix between elegance and usability.

FLEXIBLE - Comfort, quality and cool that shine through and light up any backdrop, transforming public or private settings into a little ambient oasis of sophisticated relaxation: whether in restaurants, clubs or bars, hotels and spa resorts, public buildings, facilities or even aboard a luxury cruiseship, Diphano sets the mood and becomes integral part of your vision on outdoor elegance.

CUSTOM-MADE - Our collections consist of in-house, tailor-made creations. A lot of tender loving care and craftsmanship goes into our products, which meet strict quality standards and always look the part. Diphano’s outdoor furniture can be made to your specific order, resulting in truly unique pieces for your next project, meeting all market and maintenance demands.

CONNECTED - An international reputation paired with a global reach: Diphano boasts a network of expert agents and consultants who will readily assist you in the completion of your project.

WELL-STOCKED - We have more than 7,000sq meter of stock, which means our collections and individual products are always in ready supply, awaiting any request. Our headquarters, located in the heart of Europe, has a 750sq meter showroom and welcomes visitors to discover the infinite possibilities that Diphano can offer as a reliable manufacturer.

ECO-FRIENDLY - Our furniture naturally depends on environmental and communal awareness, in all settings. That is why we source our natural materials responsibly and support the Trees4Trees project, a non-profit organisation that has pioneered a series of community reforestation and education programmes in countries that are suffering from rampant deforestation. By replenishing these natural resources, we want to restore the balance and help sustain the green lung of the world.