"To be irreplaceable, you have to be different"  -   Since its foundation in 2004, EGO Paris has been directed by 3 brothers with the shared vision of an experience that is both human and industrial, in the heart of the Beaujolais region.When EGO Paris began, it was a small company with grand ambitions. The circle rapidly widened, and today includes 25 people in the EGO Paris project. Each and every one of them is motivated by the desire to offer the greatest products.For, just as with Coco Chanel, we are convinced that "to be irreplaceable, you have to be different": the EGO Paris team is comprised of identities with experience, sometimes unusual, sometimes complementary, but always interesting...

EGO Paris is a brand reflecting people in their diversity and furthermore their extraordinary freedom to express this diversity. EGO Paris designs and fabricates top line outdoor furniture in aluminium offering a range of finishes without comparison, so everyone can make their choice unique and exclusive - embracing the company spirit of "my furniture" Design serves the individual and should be meaningful. Even before becoming straight or curved lines, EGO Paris models begin life as a concept of living. Warmth, sharing, relaxation and well being are the cornerstones of every EGO Paris creation.The use of noble materials, attention to detail and the haute-couture finish in the best traditions of French craftsmanship - all go to make EGO Paris furniture the ideal choice for the most demanding of outdoor/indoor settings.Colour is at the heart of the EGO Paris concept. With a broad palette of colours and finishes, with over 300 combinations, you become the final craftsman of your choice, giving reign to your personality.

with a hint of audacity !