Getting back to the center of our pleasure, our time, our relaxation. Conceiving, and thus living, every space. The most important uses, its amenities, its aesthetics. A new philosophy of living that looks beyond the geometric design limits of our homes. Just outside the boundaries, where the essence of relaxation and contact with nature is hidden, an open place to breathe in, take care of and make our own. Exteta brings the best design outside and transforms the outdoors into a completely absorbing experience of aesthetics and functionality. An infinite range of possibilities that creates an outdoor style of harmony.

Custom made - Making our own the spaces we live in. Our ideas are often dulled traveling along standard lines: we are content to choose the product that most excites us, the finish that best matches our choices, without ever thinking of being able to make every element of our space our own. Exteta creates projects that break away from the usual standards, creating unique ideas based on the wishes of each client, putting them at the center of their own world and building it for them. Not single products, but elements born from minds that can develop them for each request. A custom experience that allows one to experience outdoor living, forgetting its natural limits and to have the tools to give a unique touch to one’s space, guided by those who for years have followed the cult of beauty, design and contemporary expression.

Made in Italy craftmanship - Creating in the name of uniqueness. The quality of Exteta products is the purest expression of Italian craftsmanship, of that attention to detail and the perfection so loved by the world that it constantly seeks to imitate its essence. The hands of the craftsmen who make each piece hold the knowledge of secret traditions, carefully guarded and handed down from one generation to the next so as to continue to create unique works, which are united over time with advanced technologies to make a perfect product.  In the love for uniqueness lies one of the core values of the Exteta philosophy, which creates custom design experiences for outdoor living, discovering every line and functionality of a new vision of the world beyond the indoors.

The materials - Seeking rarity and making it perfect. Exteta enters into the essence of the rarest materials, striving for excellence and uniqueness in order to be able to shape and transform them into products that become the stars of outdoor environments. Exteta’s search is combined with a philosophy of respect for the environment and faithfully meeting client expectations: the beauty of its custom experience lies in the choice of woods and materials whose production is linked to the cycles and possibilities of nature. Alongside this harmonious ability to relate to the rules of the outside world, Exteta is constantly experimenting and developing, producing and innovating technologies that knock down the barriers of open-air usage: patented fabrics and treatments bring to life the ultimate dream of an uncompromising outdoor environment.