Since 1989, Fendi Casa has been creating prestigious furniture and design objects based on its unmatched style. An Italian lifestyle project in which tradition is constantly reinterpreted in an innovative and contemporary tone. 

Fendi Casa has been a part of exclusive interior design projects in some of the most prestigious and exclusive locations around the world. Apartments, villas, yachts and private jets: each project curated by Fendi Casa is a unique and exclusive celebration. With careful attention to the environment, as well as to the client's taste, Fendi Casa adds a taste of luxury to the art of living with careful attention to details and materials, creating a unique environment, steeped in style and craftsmanship. The rich Fendi Casa catalogues contains furnishings for every environment. Refined solutions, a perfect harmony of modern echoes and retro details: luxury design rooted in discreet elegance, subtlety and rigorous design. Materials are meticulously selected to guarantee that they will be long-lasting while providing maximum comfort. The Contemporary Collection is characterised by its clean shapes, exquisite materials and surprising contrasts. The collection's whispered opulence symbolises luxury with its unique details.

The Kitchen Collection is focused around the beating heart of the house: it is a perfect balance between function and aesthetics, offset by the noble materials that have been painstakingly selected. A collection dedicated to outdoor spaces, designed for unwinding, enjoying nature's surroundings and entertaining guests in style and comfort. Elegance in volume, attention to details and luxurious finishes add charm and refinement to the sleeping area. Innovative shapes, functional solutions and sophisticated materials give an added special touch to the pleasures of the table and entertaining guests. Comfort and quality epitomise the design behind Fendi Casa sofas and furnishings, crafted with prized leathers and fabrics.