Our founding fathers' maxim remains our philosophy today: keep your finger on the pulse and be ahead of your time! GLATZ has always been conscious of its role as a pioneer and is still as innovative as it ever was. In 1895, Albert Glatz found a lucrative niche that went on to become a successful business under the leadership of his son, Albert Junior. Later, Dölf Glatz successfully developed technical solutions that found worldwide recognition.

GLATZ AG – this is who we are: a Swiss family company with a 120-year history spanning four generations – and one of the leading sunshade suppliers in Europe and throughout the world. Our focus is on the best possible shade solution, combining maximum functionality, sophisticated design, Swiss quality and technical know-how. We develop sunshades for our private customers' homes and gardens as well as outdoor concepts, catering and advertising sunshades for restaurants, hotels and the event sector: always with our finger on the pulse – and ahead of our time! Even today, our product designers are developing ideas for tomorrow. Our designs are classic and our quality is first-class. When it comes to development, manufacturing, advice or service, we put our heart, soul and know-how into our work and make our customers and their wishes our priority.

Functionality - We design our products true to the principle of “Form follows function”: the use dictates the design. Our sunshades therefore offer optimum sun protection and can be adapted to the changing position of the sun, which is dependent on the time of day and location. Aligned on ergonomic principles, all of our sunshades are light and easy to operate and are robust. Thanks to selected materials, they can withstand the most adverse wind and weather conditions, offer UV protection in line with Australian standards and are made with lightfast and weatherproof materials.

Design & individuality - Shape and aesthetics coupled with individuality – that is what design means to us: with GLATZ, the customer decides how their sunshade looks! In addition to customised individual production, we offer a wide range of design models which are standard-sized or large, circular or square and made of materials in a choice of 70 different colours.

Quality - “Made by GLATZ” stands for attention to detail and a long life span. High-quality materials and production technology in line with international standards coupled with constant quality controls for sunshade manufacturing guarantee the best Swiss quality from GLATZ for our customers.

Innovation - Thanks to our excellent designers, we are a step ahead in the market. However, we do not equate innovations with new products. GLATZ prioritises functionality and design: we have the largest number of patents and applications for design protection in the whole of Europe.

Systematic solutions - Our customers search for a sunshade and find a “GLATZ Outdoor Solution”! From modular heaters, light fittings, sunshade tables and remote controls to ground sockets, base plates and mounting plates, GLATZ has an extensive range of accessories compatible with almost all of our sunshade models – and tailored to customer requirements: Lock, stock and GLATZ!

Sales-Service - Our products are distributed almost worldwide via a network of dealers and importers. One thing is particularly close to the hearts of GLATZ and its partners: the best possible service for our customers! This is why we train our dealers once a year to provide the best possible advice and certify them for repair and complaints services – with one goal: to respond immediately to service enquiries.