The values that distinguish Horm are: design, entrusted to internationally-famous architects and designers, passion, which is the engine that drives the entire process of generating ideas and,  nally, the home, understood as a private or commercial environment and destination of all products of the collection. On the living-space design landscape, Horm de nes its identity through two distinct design approaches, proposing both pure, functional forms and true domestic sculptures that occupy the subtle space that divides seriality from art. Wood, the star of Horm’s history, is combined with glass, stone and metal that, together, offset each other in an aesthetic logic from the neutral tones of white and black, contrasting with possible optional lacquered colors.

The collection’s common denominator is exclusivity, expressed through re ned technologies or invisible mechanisms and always distinguished by precise craftsmanship and attention to detail. For this reason, when reading the catalogue you will  nd artistic snapshots by Valerio Vincenzo that pay homage to Horm’s master artisans, illustrating the most signi can't gestures of their hands, absorbed in the painstaking work that brings an exclusive collection to life.