As a small but fine Möbelmanufaktur JANUA® copes daily the challenge of customized mass production. We combine reliable and highly accurate precision work with individual special designs according to customer wishes. To meet these high demands, we rely every single day on the skill and expertise of each individual employee. So JANUA® lives not only of its products. But above all from the use of numerous people and personalities, with their ideas, their creativity and their design which implement these products over and over again and enrich.

Through its unique know-how we have shaped a JANUA® Team over the years which manufactures premium furniture with creative flexibility, high commitment and excellent craft. The curtain rises on a team of extraordinary and unique personalities, who stand behind the success of JANUA®. JANUA® remains since its inception in 2005 true to the idea, today and in the future to produce furniture that points with their authentic and unique design as well as their sense of sustainability and durability. According to this philosophy, the brand has been growing steadily in JANUA® the past eight years and now operates in approximately 250 leading furniture stores in Europe. We employ eight employees in administrative services and about 20 carpenters in nine Joiner's ... JANUA® has set itself the goal of combining traditional craftsmanship and original materials with timeless, minimalist design vocabulary. Company founder Christian Seisenberger emphasizes thoughtful, clear details and a sensible use of selected materials. The custom-made pieces of furniture from JANUA® combine pure elegance with top quality materials: high-quality solid woods such as oak, walnut or elm are combined with the finest leather, selected fabrics and metals such as crude steel or aluminum. JANUA® respects in production from the outset for maximum care: So for example, be chosen the materials in the development according to the wishes of the customer, purchased and assembled into shapely products.. The use of exclusive materials is a typical feature of each JANUA® furniture.