Our high-quality household textiles earned fame under the interfrotta brand name for more than four decades. Now our family’s good name “Luiz” is your guarantee that the experiences we gained during that long period of time have been uncompromisingly integrated into our luiz label since 2006. Here too, we invariably prioritize the best craftsmanship, individuality and timeless design. We’re committed to ceaseless progress to keep abreast with the spirit of the times. You can rely on us!

Your Luiz Family – Passion for beauty, love of exclusive materials and the desire to give uniquely personal moments of wellbeing to sophisticated people: these motivate us today exactly as they did when we first began. Our company now is headed in its third generation by sisters Anna and Barbara Luiz, who proudly uphold the values of their parents Rita and Thomas Luiz and their grandparents Kika and Hanns Luiz. With undiminished intensity, we continue to combine tradition with visionary energy, perfection with passion, and quality with genuinely artistic craftsmanship. Tradition and passion.

The Best Staff - Our employees are perfectionists who sustain our promise of quality. The talents and experience of the people in our manufactory enable our textiles to reveal their true beauty. Love for detail and meticulous craftsmanship reveal the fascinating elegance that distinguishes our fabrics. We’re proud of our team and we appreciate their skillful craftsmanship and professionalism. Our roots have delved deeply into our sole location in the Rhineland during the past forty years, so we can rely on long-term relationships with the best employees. This guarantees reliable and unflaggingly high quality. Nearness to our workforce and daily dialogue with our staff contribute to an atmosphere of trust and collaboration throughout the entire team. That’s the key to our many years of success. Our perfection—handmade quality.

Design – With great enthusiasm and profound passion for special threads and fine fabrics, we annually create and present a new luiz textile collection accompanied by exclusive home accessories. Our goal is to beautify your life and your home with noble luxurious items that are simultaneously modern and timelessly elegant. High fashion, art, cityscapes and nature number among our sources of inspiration, but trivial things and situations in daily life likewise enliven our quest for creative ideas. The results are special textiles that reciprocally enrich one another in an exciting interplay of materials, designs and charming colors. Their quality is not only visually convincing, it’s also a delight to touch.

Perfect Craftsmanship – Our manufactory is a veritable time machine: the charming link between traditional craftsmanship and modern processing makes it possible for us to achieve the utmost flexibility and precision. This enables us to uncompromisingly satisfy every request from our customers and to individually transform their ideas and visions into tangible textile realities. Whether it’s the choice of material, design and color or the dimensions and the method of processing: meticulous handcraftsmanship in our sewing studios transforms choice fabrics and materials into select products that fully deserve to bear the name luiz.

The Highest Standards of Quality – We uncompromisingly strive to achieve optimal results in each link of our production chain. That’s why we order our noble textiles exclusively from family-run European weaving mills where passion, conscientiousness and enthusiasm create unique fabrics that are uniquely pleasing to the sense of touch. These materials are then processed in our manufactory in accord with luiz’s high standards. In each and every area, we always act in harmony with our maxims: perfect quality, traditional values and boundless individuality.