mambo unlimited ideas is based in Lisbon, Portugal, a country with a long crafts tradition. The city of Lisbon growing dynamic reflects the emerging creativity and energy that is making Lisbon to be recognised as a new cultural and business cluster and here we gathered the energies of talented people to develop our company products. Our work is developed towards global business, with international inspiration, while rooted in our local knowledge and crafts expertise. Our growing presence in the international market reflects our approach: our work is about innovation and creativity. And that’s what we love to do. We channel our suppliers craft abilities leading our production teams to careful production of each item of our collection, delivering top quality original products. Our challenge and goal is to constantly create original and quality products while developing a growing globally recognised company (and brand). Mambo unlimited ideas is the creativity hub, comprising talents from our design team to develop new products and ideas – just as the name reveals!

Our company started creating exclusive textile products, with leather as main material. The creativity drive made the company innovate its own structure about 10 years ago, by inviting emerging portuguese designers to develop new lines of products. That was the birth of our first furniture and upholstery collection. Its concept was to create a design collection, inspired on the portuguese heritage, with its own individuality but that could be easily customised with no delay or increased cost. The acceptance and growth of our new products by the market was fast and very positive. That drove us to create from scratch a complete lighting collection, our UTU soulful lighting brand. Again, this collection offers original pieces that can have all the finishing customised, with endless possible combinations. Through our international clients growing demand of our pieces and creations, we felt the urge to continue to innovate. Our creativity drive led us to launch a new line of products, this time a ceramic collection which comprises handmade portuguese ceramic tiles, applied to decorative tiles panels; and our accessories collection. At this stage was born our brand THEIA creative tiles, presenting ceramic tiles to be applied onto construction surfaces. Every year we create and launch three seasons of new products that we present at, at least, six of the top international exhibitions.

Made For You - A relation of close collaboration with the universe of architects, interior and lighting designers allows the creation of endless custom solutions to each of their projects. mambo unlimited ideas’ design team works closely with each client to design specific proposals to projects developed all over the world. The numerous variations made possible by choosing different combinations of colours and materials to apply to each of the existing pieces result in a wide range of options. We embrace creativity so our team also develops new pieces to respond to project demands and specifications that fit high standards of function, ergonomics, aesthetics and quality. mambo unlimited ideas contract leads projects since the design creation to the expedition of the final product to the project site, throughout the manufacturing process, offering technical support at each step.

Production - Since the very beginning of mambo unlimited ideas we had one thing in mind: assuring we offer creative and top quality products. That has been crucial to increasingly gain recognition throughout our history. Our production is based in Portugal and in its historical traditional techniques of production, where we have skilled craftsman that carefully bring to life every single piece that we create.
We carefully control each step of manufacturing, in a close relation between our design and production teams.  For each product we develop, the materials are carefully chosen and quality is closely controlled to assure the best colour, texture, resistance and durability. All fittings and appliances comply with the best european practices, being selected from a wide range throughout Europe. We like to offer effective, practical and quality results, that is why our lamps and ceramic panels are fitted to be easily installed, and that’s why we use shock absorbers and silencers in all our furniture. We believe that all the details contribute to set the quality of our products.