Nature Design furnishings come with a long history, because our raw material, wood,  first came into being ages ago. The wood we seek out and “discover” around the world is at least 100 to 150 years old, and for the most part, comes from local farm buildings. Our task is a creative one, a form of design based on recovery, in which an old plank is turned into a table; it’s a new way of thinking about furniture in relation to history and the environment. Our raw material, ancient wood, not only has a natural patina that comes from long exposure
to the elements, but is always one of a kind: every board, every reclaimed door has its own story, its own degree of wear. Each piece of furniture is therefore unique, marked by the hand of time and shaped by the craftspeople at Nature Design.

Alongside our solid-wood products, we can use a three-layer method to create new components: each wooden board is cleaned and restored; to give the wood greater strength and stability, it is then sectioned and glued to a blockboard backing, then glued again to an inner layer of elm wood. Now the wood is ready to be crafted using the  nest artisan techniques, to give it a new life as a Nature Design product. The decorations are painted entirely by hand by a local artist, and each piece is signed as a guarantee of authenticity.