RODA Gartenmöbel

RODA - the leading company in the production of top quality furniture, presents the evolution of its planning idea. Roda was founded in 1990 as a company specializing in the production of top quality outdoor furniture. The company’s success was assured thanks to its passion and experience, combined with the acute intuition of its founder, Roberto Pompa, one of the first Italians to work on the new Interior Garden concept: an interior garden that does away with the increasingly transient boundary between indoors and out.

Roda really established itself in Italy and Europe from 1990 to 2000, specializing in teak furniture production distinguished by its quality and excellent design.
It is also the Italian distributor for a number of companies in the outdoor furniture sector; today, Roda distributes in Italy Dedon and Tuuci. The first turnaround came in 2000: Roda decided to target the public directly with a major advertising campaign, as well as focusing on the trade in its specific sector and indoor furniture retail outlets, which are demonstrating an increasing appreciation of its collections. During this period, in 2004, Roda was the first manufacturer in this sector to design furniture that could be used both indoors and outdoors. In 2005 the decision to consult to one of the maximum interpreters of the Italian design in the world, Rodolfo Dordoni, commissioning him to realize furniture that could be totally inserted in existing perceptions of indoor design, using materials for outdoor. Dordoni developed Net-work, a collection that expresses this concept and this new way of life perfectly. Thanks to this collection Roda get the paternity of a new sector: the IN and OUT. Roda began to make a name for itself as a trend setter, interpreting the outdoors, with its connotations of relaxation, emotion, informality and elegance, as contiguous with the indoors and vice versa. In the 2008 the creative team of Roda grew thanks to the contribution of new world-famous designers, Gordon Guillaumier and Lievore Altherr Molina Studio, who started working together with Rodolfo Dordoni, Art Director of the company. The physiognomy of Roda is definitively clear: a “lovemark” brand whose products are loved by people who are faithful to them and suggest them to their friends.

Vision - An increasingly comprehensive and sophisticated design story. Roda furniture has a mimetic design, blending in and becoming an integral part of the context for which it was designed. These cross-references, between indoors and outdoors, have a design-oriented dimension and a fundamental element in common: a welcoming design. This furniture is not merely positioned outside – it belongs outside. The carefully selected materials and countless different modular compositions, created first and foremost with practicality in mind, make the furniture suitable for all situations, blending in with any other pieces of furniture.
Roda forms a new chapter in the history of contemporary design, creating a fusion of different settings (inside and out) and temporal feelings (past, present and future). Passing through a Garden, a terrace, a balcony or any other outdoor space it is as important to consider how we inhabit these area’s as any other. For Roda this perception for outdoor as well as indoor should be considered with equal care leads to a luxurious and enriched location to enjoy in your personally time.
Roda see each table, chair or sofa as a piece that should blend with highly refined and finished spaces but integrate as seamlessly with the natural identity of the outdoors. This idea leads to a collection were the furnishings allow the outdoor to become one more room, or a new canvas to extened of our living environment. Living outdoors and enjoying all this has to offer while ensuring continuity of design, materials and colors are key to Roda’s philosophy. This is equally translated by the use of natural materials that mature and develop there own character as the natural materials are lightend by the sun and washed by the rain aquire there own unique soul. Roda also exports its furniture into the home: translating significant contents and values of outdoor living into indoor designs. Superlative manufacture, flowing and minimal forms, top quality materials, from solid teak to stone, leather and woven straps… this is the very essence of Roda’s outdoor furniture.
A comprehensive, complex and complete project, coordinated by Rodolfo Dordoni, which has been developed over the years and revolves around some clearly defined principles that guide the company's entire production: meaning, perception, versatility, customisation and the ability to adapt to different settings.
The meaning of the project, built upon extremely sensitive and sophisticated taste, oversteps the boundary between indoor and outdoor to create elegant exteriors, furnished with the same level of importance and attention to detail given to interiors. “Versatility”: this key word sums up Roda's ability to move elegantly between indoors and outdoors. A natural perception, with warm, welcoming and balanced Mediterranean style, in forms, colours and materials that convey the emotions of its collections. Unique pieces, almost "in a class of their own", characterised by a strong identity that makes them stand out from each other, but brought together by a unique core element, which unites them... generated by a single process that bonds them and makes each piece versatile, modular and able to match all the other pieces. All Roda products squarely represent the concept of durability. And durability is a serious quality when you’re talking about furniture that must withstand all weather conditions. This means that Roda’s materials, assembly techniques and finishes are very carefully chosen – during the manufacturing process and for all the time after that. A perfect example of this is when the selection of textiles is made. The newest technology and know how is applied to ensure durable hydro drying functionality. At the same time respecting the traditional rigour of selecting fabric that reflects the taste and style of Roda. The marrying together of these two characteristics shows how important using the most advanced methods while holding true to design values of the company are as leading criteria in selecting only the highest quality for our products.Experience and innovation, tradition and product development, expertise and experimentation are all key words when it comes to describing Roda products. The companies history and experience is of great importance, but we look to the future as our forward thinking design is the driving force of our innovation. Together, the absolute equilibrium they attain is: total quality. For a tasteful brand, not a product.