Versatile with intelligence - We combine design, style and technology to create high-quality furniture that adapt, change, integrate into several ambiances, moods, life phases and, of course last a long time through all kinds of weather.

Materials Technology - Sifas® products are designed using among the proven technologies, processes that ensure the best durability in the worst environment for each of the components including the screws, in accordance with our TT* guarantee (UV,sea fog, water-humidity,

freezing, natural chemical agents) resulting in simplicity of use and maintenance of the furniture by clients and fulfilling the criterion for long-lasting aesthetic appearance.

Warranty - Because of its confidence in its expertise and quality control procedures, sifas® offers a 10 year warranty for home use from the date of purchase for all manufacturing defects of the furniture and a 2 year warranty for textile products and surface finishing.This warranty excludes normal wear and tear and the consequences of any inappropriate treatment, as well as damage by the buyer or third-parties. Sifas® may choose how to respond to the warranty claim, either by repair or replacement of the involved components. All other claims are excluded.