We manufacture top quality and long-lasting products, mainly mailbox systems as well as glass and metal constructions. Whether standard or customised, made to measure solutions, we use highest quality materials. Our products are thus unmatched when it comes to elegance, functionality, value and durability.

We combine careful craftsmanship with the latest technologies and produce exclusively at our site in Oensingen with the aim to guarantee the high level of Swiss quality. It goes without saying that we employ a sustainable manufacturing process and are respectful towards the resources provided by our environment.

As a family-owned business, we place great store in partner-like and long-term customer relations with architects, planners, general contractors, monument conservators and home owners. This is our daily commitment as company owners, together with our dedicated employees. The whole team puts its whole heart into every single order to come up with reliable and innovative solutions. Thanks to our culture of innovation and our constantly growing technical know-how, we remain the market leader and an attractive and competent partner for our customers. 

We are a Swiss family-owned business: forward-looking and looking beyond the horizon
The family-owned firm of s: stebler, which includes kehrer stebler ag and stebler glashaus ag, is a market leader in production of mailbox systems and highly innovative glass and metal constructions. The owners Anita and Markus Stebler led this traditional company into a new era in 2005 with the foundation of a new, modern production site in Oensingen. But the success story began more than 60 years ago:
1952:  foundation of the mailbox specialists Kehrer AG Metallbau in Allschwil
1961:  foundation of Karl Stebler Metallbau in Bern
1987:  Kehrer Metallbau AG is taken over by Karl Stebler Metallbau
1992:  Karl Stebler Metallbau is renamed Karl Stebler & Co., at the same time the company owner founds stebler glashaus ag with his son Markus. Both firms are managed henceforth by Anita and Markus Stebler
2001:  Anita and Markus Stebler take over the management of kehrer stebler ag, the former Kehrer AG Metallbau
2005:  Merger of the Bern and Allschwil company sites in the new offices in Oensingen, foundation of the joint umbrella brand s: stebler. For more than 60 years we have been a well proven partner for many clients in the Swiss construction scene. We will continue to build on innovation, elegance and quality for a sustainable future.