All individuals seek their spaces and every space says something about the person who created it, who possesses it, who lives in it, who enjoys it... Lighting contributes to any space to the extent that it affects its appearance, its atmosphere and the feelings it creates. Light is one of the primal forces that shaped the world as we know it and its creative power is now used to create an entire world of personalized microuniverses.VIBIA’s mission is to make it easier for everyone to identify himself or herself with the surrounding space by supplying the right lighting and inspiring the creative abilities and good taste of both consumers and architecture and interior and lighting design professionals with a unique range of lighting products.

VIBIA evolves by studying and understanding how people live in their spaces, surprising them with just the right proposals – often unexpected – to help create the desired feelings.

ENABLING THE CHANGE - VIBIA expands its role as a solutions provider. VIBIA enables its partners, dealers and specifiers to play an active role and to create values for their clients. VIBIA’s initiative has in three major values embedded: CREATIVITY - We’re in a business imbued with creativity, from the product designer who creates the design to the specifiers that shape spaces and illumination objects. VIBIA’s goal is to constantly stimulate consumers and professionals throughout the world to create a new experience for them. COLLABORATION - VIBIA offers a wide range of open objects and tools for creation. The relation built with architects, interior and lighting designers and dealers invites and encourages their participation. Breaking with conservative practices, VIBIA pursues a new kind of relationship with its dealers and commercial networks, seeing them as a substantial part of its business and offering them a new framework for cooperation.
INNOVATION - The current complex context represents a challenge which has led us to develop a ground-breaking successful organizational model to guarantee maximum quality and a high level of service without sacrificing ongoing product development. The technology plays a subtle role: it is invisible and emotive. It is not obvious. It’s just making the unthinkable work.

THE ART OF POSSIBILITIES - Welcome to a world full of new possibilities. Step into the universe of VIBIA, where you can play a whole new role, offering even more added value to your clients. You will discover new creative possibilities which will enable you to make a better choice of light fittings, co-create and customize products and come up with innovative solutions for your lighting projects. In the world of VIBIA you can be as creative as you have never been before.
VIBIA places all the necessary elements in your hands, so that there are no limits to your fantasy. VIBIA helps you expand your creativity, offering you the possibility to generate unique creations and projects and stimulate your inspiration.

VIBIA, AN ECOSYSTEM OF ITS OWN - VIBIA is based in Barcelona (SPAIN), a place of cultivated design culture and an important knowledge cluster, where we have been able to channel our industrial and service suppliers’ abilities and construct a top-class team of people. From local knowledge we have built up a global business. We are present in 60 countries and have a subsidiary in New Jersey (USA). We are in the business of creativity and innovation and we like it. We have developed our own ecosystem to foster innovation and high performance and deliver a new value of proposition. We live for the thrilling challenge of developing top-class products, creating a consistent, global company and being a brand with an international reputation. We believe in our energy and in the future.