This simple, striking question led to our philosophy of only developing expressive furniture with a strong character. High-quality materials such as real woods with thick laminated wood veneer, high-grade brushed steel, special slate-effect surfaces and painted glass lend a final flair to our products image. As individuality plays an important role for our company, we are very happy to cater to our customers' personal wishes and ideas relating to measurements, colours and materials. According to our customers' wishes, we use natural solid woods with thick laminated wood veneer or particle boards with thin laminated wood veneer. The scratch-resistant clear coat protects the wood surface, if desired, a pore-filling furniture oil can be used as well. There are 6 different types of wood and 9 RAL colours available. Just ask one of our salespersons. Wissmann raumobjekte is an emerging company specialising in exceptional designs of furniture and living accessories. The company consists of a small team with various responsibilities (design, construction+drafting, production control, marketing+sales).

Our company philosophy in brief:
- Products with unique selling point
- Assembly and packaging of every product in our premises in Düsseldorf / Germany (Quality assurance)

Wissmann raumobjekte bietet Ihnen mit geschmackvollen und stilvollen Möbeln genau das Richtige für Ihr Zuhause. Die Möbel werden alle in Deutschland hergestellt und entsprechen damit den hohen Qualitätsansprüchen. wissmann raumobjekte bietet eine Vielzahl von verschieden Designmöbeln wie TV-Halter, Bett, Nachttisch, Beistelltisch, Esstisch, Bank, Garderobe, Spiegel, Couchtisch und Waschtisch. 

Design & products - wissmann raumobjekte design and produce furniture influenced by purist minimalism. The simplicity and functionality of design is complemented by innovative material compositions in a sensible, non-conforming style. The idea behind the furniture is a reduction of sensory overload brought about by the flow of modern life. Our main intent is to enable the customer to focus on essentials. Furniture should be a means of self-expression. Keywords: Relaxation, self-reflection, enjoying common interests in the company of friends and relatives, less is more. The prices are high-end and represent niche products not intended for the mass market.

Management style - The management style of wissmann raumobjekte is characterized by a healthy sense of personal responsibility among the staff in their respective fields. Given plenty of room to manoeuvre, the staff is enabled to move about focused and freely in their work environment and allow to develop personal creativity. Objectives are intended to be attained through either teamwork or on an individual basis. Each staff member is encouraged to feel a part of the whole..

Company philosophy - We are dedicated to think beyond the ordinary, both in product and design, and in dealing with people. In short, this means – individuality! We intend the product to rise above the mass market of industrially produced pieces. We place the emphasis on individuality coupled with the finish of industrial products. We assure that the wishes and preferences of the customer are understood and fulfilled. It is our pleasure to grow with our customers (customer orientation) and offer our expertise (customer satisfaction) in all sectors.